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How to tell real 925 sterling silver from fakes?

by Hong(Lisa) of 8Season

Firstly, I want to say that all my sterling silver items are real 925 sterling silver,that is, composition of 92.5% pure silver and the remaining 7.5% alloy, usually the alloy will be copper. You can feel confident to buy our sterling silver items, our company is well known for providing quality products. We always give our customers the best deal, and our customers are very happy doing business with us.
(Check the sterling silver mark as shown on the picture)
Maybe you have been troubled by some supposed “silvers” items actually contain no silver at all. Such as the German silver and nickel silver, they are just the names for alloys that look like silver but have no silver content. Our sterling silver is guaranteed. If the item is not real sterling silver, we would stated clearly in its title or item listing that this item is an imitation. If you purchased any fake sterling silver items that we sold as real ones from 8season, please feel free to contact us. We will compensate you with times of item values.

Here are several tips for testing the sterling silver.
1.The simple and the first line test is a piece of magnet. Put a sterling silver item close to the magnet, if the magnet is attracted, it is not silver.

2.To test silver content, you can place a drop of silver reagent on a notch in the metal. Pure silver will turn bright red, while sterling will turn much darker red. Silver 800 will turn brown, 500 silver will turn green.

3.Add a drop of nitric acid also can test the sterling silver easily. Silver-plated; nickel silver or low quality silver alloys will turn green because of the high copper content, while the sterling will turn a creamy color.
But be aware of the risk of handling the above chemicals, it is toxic and dangerous.

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