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Pandora, Trollbeads, Chamilia, Tedora, Bacio, Lovelinks, Biagi.

With so many kinds of beads and bracelet styles on the market these days, so how to distinguish the bracelet from each other?  Now the major European bracelet brand have been listed below, which include Pandora, Biagi, chamilia, bacio, tedora, trollbeads and lovelinks bracelets. These European jewelry brands provide you endless opportunity to create bracelets, necklace to suit your own personality and style. 
Chamilia Jewelry: that defines you. The result is stunning and will not go unoticed by others! Exclusive Walt Disney designed bead charms.
Tedora Italy personality jewelry: your passions, your hobbies, your lucky numbers, and your wishes: all in a single jewelry.
Pandora jewelry: add beads to mark unforgettable moments.
Bacio Italy: expresses who you really are!
Lovelinks: life is full of opportunity, show the world who you are and what you love by creating a look that’s uniquely yours.
Trollbeads: for every bead there is a story and for every story there is a bead
Biagi: endless options of interchangeable jewelry with elegance and grace. 
Below is the Compatibility chart about European Brand bracelet.

Lovelinks by Pastiche

Lovelinks by Pastiche Bead Compatibility Chart
Lovelinks by Pastiche Bead Key
Bracelets/Beads Lovelinks Bead Troll Bead Pandora Bead Tedora Bead Bacio Bead
Lovelinks Bracelets and Bangles          Beads Fit          Beads Don't Fit         Beads Don't Fit           Beads Don't Fit                  Beads Don't Fit
Lovelinks Universal Bracelets          Beads Fit          Beads Fit         Beads Fit           Beads Fit         Beads Fit
Troll Beads Bracelet          Beads Fit          Beads Fit         Beads Fit           Beads Fit         Beads Fit
Pandora Bracelet          Beads Fit          Some Beads Fit, Some Don't         Beads Fit           Beads Fit         Beads Fit
Tedora Bracelet          Beads Fit          Beads Fit         Beads Fit           Beads Fit         Beads Fit
Bacio Bracelet          Beads Fit          Some Beads Fit, Some Don't         Beads Fit           Beads Fit         Beads Fit

(This chart originated from, Lovelinks official site)


Pandora jewelry system, this unique and fashion jewelry style comes from a Greek mythology Pandora's box and comes into fashion in Denmark in 1996. It can be said that a Denmark couple create this unique jewelry brand. Pandora jewelry has three segments divided by two threaded points. That’s just the strength feature that set Pandora apart from other styles.
Usually, Pandora jewelry series comprise charms, bracelet&necklace, Glass beads, bail, spacers, safety chains and so on. This provides a pretty opportunity for you to design your own styles which express your taste. It will be unique as you in the world. Besides its decoration usage it also represents hope and opportunities. This starts a new tide of jewelry fashion. It encourages women all over the world to show their charming. You can also send your finished jewelry to your mother as her birthday present or to your close friend to enhance your friendship. All of these will be unforgettable moment in your life.

Pandora’s Box
In Greek mythology, Pandora is a woman who has been created by God. Because Prometheus stolen the fire to humankind and this irritated God. So God sent Pandora with a box, when she opend the box all of the evil spirits escaped. Only hope and opportunity remained. That’s just the inspirations behind Pandora jewelry design.

Trollbead-for every story there is a bead and for every bead there is a story

The history of the authentic trollbeads goes back some 30 years. They were first created in 1976 by Sevend Nielsen, a goldsmith in Denmark. There are currently several hundred beads in the collection using diverse materials including silver, gold, glass and natural stones. One of the first trollbeads produced showed a face with six different expressions which varied as the bead was rotated. A version of this is still available today.

Trollbeads was created by Aagaard family from Copenhagen in 1976. Now this jewelry brand is still being own and run by this family. But it does not mean trollbeads are just source from Denmark. Due to its success, part of the manufactre has been outsourced from Denmark. Trollbeads was first in this concept come to the UK, being launched at the IJL (International Jewelry London) trade fair in London in September 2005.  Trollbeads is a unique jewelry; each bead has its own little history, taking its inspiration from mythology, astrology, fairy tales, fauna, flora, cultural diversity, and last but certainly not least, in the familiar things of everyday living. You can tell your own story with trollbeads, celebrate the special occasion with a bead or charm and remember it forever. Rejoice a baby’s birth, a christening, birthdays, and personal achievements such as graduation, an engagement and wedding what is most distinctive about trollbeads, apart from the original design, is the use and combination of fascinating materials. The beads are made from the highest quality raw materials including sterling silver, 18 carat gold, Italian Murano glass, natural pearls and precious stones.

Trollbeads have smallest cores-which are why trollbeads will not fit on the majority of the copy chains. And because of the smaller hole/core, trollbeads glass beads are generally stronger than the copy beads. Well, trollbeads are not allowed any dealers to sell on ebay.

Bacio –express who you really are

Bacio is an Italian jewelry brand that offers unlimited freedom to create your own jewelry. Bacio (pronounced as bar-cho) represents a tale of never ending love story, and the word itself means kiss when translated from Italian. Thus the concept of kiss has been the very substance of bacio, its design also incorporating the hallmarks of its root country name.

The bacio beads are made in sterling silver or combined with enamel, murona glass or percious stones. And it is well known for its high quality, high class, elegance, free spirit and untames wild passion. The strength of bacio bracelets and necklace are the unique threaded system. Each bead is equipped with interior threads which allow you to screw individual beads onto any bracelet segment in the exact order you desire. Beads move freely and rotate with your wrist’s movement creating a stunning effect. Bacio allows you to create your own bracelet or necklace by selection of exclusive beads, charms, spacers and clips to commemorate life’s unforgettable moments and special chapters, like a friendship, the birth of a child, your job promotion and so on.

Bacio has two collections:
large collection of coloured beads (letters, animals, zodiac signs, symbols and characters)
bacio junior, the children’s collection, full of colours and fun
Bacio jewelry has formed distribution networks with over 30 differing countries all over the world, such as Australia, USA and Japan.
Compatibility: the bacio beads can fit most other brands if they have the same bracelet system. Bacio braclet also allows your limitless freedom to add other brand beads on it. The more you mix and match, the more personalised your bracelet will be.  


Biagi has deep roots in the city of Firenze, Italy and it is been introduced by the creative minds of Unodomani, a world renowned designer of Italian charms. The collection of baigi beads and charms is ever-increasing due to its continually design and creation.

The distinctive features that set biagi apart from other brands is that all the beads are manufactured using the highest quality materials, including gold, sterling silver and cubic zirconia. The biagi beads bracelet is unique and versatile due to its threaded design and increasing selection of beads available. Stoppers can be placed anywhere on the bracelet. Each bead has an interior thread that allows individual beads to be twisted on into your desired section. Thus you can personalize your placement and the amount of bead you added. Biagi has introduced anklets and necklace into its jewelry concept; this is also the striking distinction of Biagi jewelry.

Biagi allows everyone to design their own customized Bracelets, to suit thier personality and style. Biagi has been embraced by women of all personalities and ages.  

Biagi kids: Biagi is proud to present Biagi kids, which include Enamel beads, enamel beads confetti for children jewelry making. At one time specializing in only adult jewelry.

Biagi has set International distributions and sales in about 30 countries, such as United States, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, and Canada. Compatibility:  the biagi bracelets are fully compatible with Pandora&chamilia bead bracelets and most other European style charm bracelet.  


Its name Chamilia is a feminized word pointing to "chameleon" which demonstrates the ability to change with the environment and adapt to your surrounding. Chameleon is an exotic animal with the ability to take on a variety of appearances, like the jewelry chamilia. Chamilia’s inspiration originates from European styling. The designer: Killian Rieder's passion for chamilia comes from the fact that every single person who has a bracelet is the designer of his or her jewelry. Chamilia’s products offer both classic and trendy styling.

The beads and charms are made of high quality sterling silver, 14K gold, murona glass, swarovski crystals. Its collection of symbols, flowers, animals, zodiac, birthstones and Walt Disney which is exclusive to Chamilia, provide endless combinations and designs of unique bracelet. Every bracelet tells a story about the person who’s wearing it.

Chamilia is interchangeable with those made by Danish manufacture like Pandora.

Lovelink: because life is full of opportunities.

The lovelink concept originated from Denmark and now it is extremely popular allover the world especially in Australia market. The collection of Lovelink are handmade from sterling silver, gold, gold-plated and murano glass beads. As to the murona glass beads, it has wide selection in funky patterns, classic sterling silver, gold plated and solid gold links too. With so many links, you will have the opportunity for varied designs and colorful combinations.
Each link has a special fused rubber core which allow the beads and charms slides on the chain easily. Both the bracelets and necklace have evenly space pods which act as stoppers.

Lovelinks dose not tell everything, it stimulates your fantasy, your memory, your thoughts and stirs your feelings. With the lovelinks you can tell a secret without revealing it. The beads selected depend on customer’s mood; your lovelinks piece is a great way to express yourself or to celebrate your special events.
Lovelinks beads and charms are compatible with other brands such as Tedora and Pandora. This gives you the designer even more options when creating your personal jewelry design.

Tedora meaning "Personality"

Tedora is the meaning of “personality”. It is originated from Florence, Italy which is well known for the design and craftsmanship.This European brand name jewellery has become the hottest collectible in the fashion world.

More and more unique Tedora beads have been designed from skilled Italian craftman from time to time. The beads are made of glass, onyx, mother of pearl or precious stones, gold or bronze to create a fascinating combination. These beads are not only a range of products but true method of personal expression. It allows you to express your passion, your hobbies, your lucky numbers and your wishes with this stunning and various range of charms and beads. Inspried by mythology, by flora & fauna, by animals and by the signs of zodiac, the tedora beads and charms also been designed in different symbols, each with a different story to tell.

Tedora has a double sided lock which makes it easy and simple to wear your jewelry. And besides, Tedora’s double stopper system, with which you can personalise your bracelet by inserting as many beads as you want and changing their place as you desired. It is also great birthday and Christmas holiday present as you can determine its meaning according to the beads you purchased.

Tedora make its name not only in domestic market but also through overseas such as Holland, Germany, Russia, Spain, France and many other countries.
Tedora Charms are compatible with Pandora and Troll bracelets, lovelinks.
Tedora official site:

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